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We provide solutions spanning from proposing optimal processes
and facilities through to the launch of plants

Process and Facility Consultation

From process design to selecting manufacturers, we provide the best solutions for our customers.


Detailed Specification Reviews

From facility specifications to detailed diagram creation, we use our advanced expertise to create fast, low-cost, quality solutions.


Facility Launch Support

We work together with our customers in areas including delivery management, solving issues that arise in process testing, and stabilization of processing precision.


Consultation on ‘Kaizen’ or Improvement

Our service extends beyond the final implementation stage of facilities. We help customers to continuously improve productivity according to changes in their operating environment.


Consultation on Automation, Reduction of Manpower

We provide our customers with optimal solutions in Automation and reduction of manpower.

  • Cost reductions
  • Labor shortages
  • Skilled labor
  • Hazardous tasks
  • Menial tasks
  • Heavy-duty work
  • Quality standardization
  • Traceability